Nagäf and From The Depths – Split CD


Taking anarchist music back on the stage, NAGÄF was born in Bogotá (Colombia) in 2008 to stand for the critical-political music which refuses to be part of the consumer based standards. In spite of the short time, the band was conformed some of the members have been involved in the hardcore/punk scene for more than ten years. And some of them are currently playing in bands like: Xterminio, Res Gestae, Otra Alternativa, Reacción Propia, Sabotaje, Grita o Muere, and Mano de Obra Barata.

FROM THE DEPTHS was formed at the beginning of 2008 by members of Catharsis, Requiem, Network of Terror, Auryn, and Balaclava. And being a vanguard of the CrimethInc. Ex-Workers Collective. Traveling in a van donated by Winona’s Really Really Free Market after their vegetable-oil-powered truck died mid-tour, they performed for fellow demonstrators outside the 2008 Democratic and Republican National Conventions; they’ve also played benefit shows for RNC arrestees, Green Scare defendants, and other prisoners in the anticapitalist struggle.

Coproduction between Persistencia Records (Colombia), Acclaim Collective (Japan), Straight From The Inside DIY (Bulgaria), Masapunk Records (Chile), Sin Fronteras Discos (Colombia), Cria Cuervos (Venezuela), Direccion Positiva (Colombia)

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some youtubes of From The Depths rocking out:
From The Depths – Let The Black Flag Fly
From The Depths – Murderers
From The Depths – Dirge
From The Depths – Joan Of Arc With A Hair Aflames